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2006-2021-EC CARES: early childhood education with children with learning disabilities. Speech Therapy & Social Skills. Assistance when in need.

2010-CCEP:A three year program of highly educated preschool educators forum.  Creating a cumulative process of learning & sharing ideas.

2012-2015-OPQ: Oregon Program of Quality Cohort to advance your preschool teaching skills.

2018-SPARK: Obtained our 5 star rating! We are certified as an academically high quality teaching preschool.We are a kindergarten readiness preschool.

2019-2021-Preschool Promise: Is a financial aid for families. This is a great resource for families. We have been one of the few schools in Oregon to receive this grant to help families.

Many years ago, Teacher Cheryl and Teacher Tom met at Cascade Middle School, here in Eugene. They continued on to Willamette High School together,graduated,fell in love, got married and raised two boys.As Tom & Cheryl began their family and Cheryl being an identical twin with no other siblings they soon learned that when the neighborhood children were invited to play with theirs the children were so well behaved & had a lot of fun! So much fun that Tom & Cheryl decided to go back to school. Cheryl received her Bachelors & Tom Associates Degrees in Early Child Development.


Teacher Melinda Rhoads

Teacher Melinda is a Sunshine's Special Supportive Educator. Melinda has known Cheryl Thien for over 50 years. Melinda has lived in the Bethel area almost 60 years. She has 29 years of experience with special education for the developmentally disabled or delayed within the Bethel & 4J Districts(K-12) . She is retired from Lane ESD. 

Melinda volunteers at church & senior centers. She enjoys gardening,sewing,reading & listening to music. She has two beautiful daughters,two grandsons & two granddogs. 



Tom & Cheryl Thien

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